Eva Celia

How to make a 3:34 neo-soul song seem like a twice longer experimental suite? Ask the young Indonesian talent Eva Celia, who luckily reappeared recently with a stunning comeback single.

The daughter of a living Indonesian jazz legend (Indra Lesmana), Eva Celia has been proudly paving her own way in music, offering a refreshing approach to R&B/neo-soul.

For her debut LP “And So It Begins” back in 2016, she she wrote and composed almost all of her songs, delivering a dreamy but compelling album that made us keep waiting for more to come.

And after a long break, it finally came with “A Long Way”. This immediate, resolute song lasts just three and a half minute, but it changes several times along the way: from heavily chorused a cappela, through a jazzy landscape to instant pop, eventually always coming back to her own version of neo-soul.

How long the way has been for her, you can see in the video, and in that poetic way she explained the ambiguities and diversity of her music: there’s so many experiences, inspirations, and people behind it. We’d love to find out more about it.


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