This is what pop music should sound like in 2020.

New Fallgrapp’s album “Ostrov” was released earlier this month and according to its leader Jureš Líška it’s the most mature release (following “Rieka” in 2014 and “V hmle” in 2017). Jureš finally felt comfortable: experienced enough, not feeling pressure as it was after a successful debut.

“Ostrov” is also the most varied of the LPs thanks to the sound we’re used to adding more pop and jazzy moments.

The first single, also titled “Ostrov”, delivers everything Fallgrapp is known for: melody, orchestration, intimacy and peace.

On the other hand, the track that follows, called “Môžeš prísť”, is full of tension and restlessness. This time other members participated with their ideas even more. Not just band members but also guests.

That’s also a fresh thing for Fallgrapp: adding rap parts of Martin Matys as well as vocals of The Curly Simon.

Especially contribution of the latter one on a track “Keď padal sneh” turned it into a proper radiotrack. This is what pop music should sound like in 2020.

Fallgrapp work with loads of ideas and it’s so much fun to follow everything what happens in less than three minutes in a song “Mĺkvy”.

Ostrov is definitely an album to get back to over the next couple of months.

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