Whereas the first album of Fallgrapp was current electronic music with Slovak folklore inspirations, the second one “V hmle” has more outside influences from around the world.

On top of that, as the title “V hmle” says, the atmosphere of all the tunes is somehow covered in a mist surrounding everything. And you can’t imagine any other language of lyrics to work this well with all the percussions, choirs and violin parts.

The opening track, instrumental “Ouagadougou” works on its own, on the other hand, the closing “Uspávanka” is a complete minimalism compared to the rest of the album and a strong tune referencing Slovak tradition.

Beside electronics you will find even a bit of jamming in “Akoby, Pt.2” as well as few collaborations. One of them with a Slovak producer Jimmy Pé (track “Session”) with his distinctive sound.


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