Fantasmes are Puerto Rico’s premier psych-rockers, hell-bent on transporting us to higher spiritual plains with their sweaty, sustained grooves, sharp hooks, and analog aural majesty.

“Frog It” is the band’s latest single, released on Record Store Day as a flexi-vinyl 7” via Last Bummer Records, as well as digitally. The song builds atop the foundations of the band’s previous work, particularly the reverb-drenched mysticism of the “Thralls to Strange Witchcraft” EP (2014).

But this time around Fantasmes sound eager to cut loose and deliver a pulse-pounding experience with plenty of swagger, that while still haunting, will make you lose control — perhaps, even, on a dance floor?

Having previously performed at the Austin Psych Fest a couple of years back, the group was scheduled to return to the rechristened Levitation Fest this past weekend when event organizers were forced to cancel the festival due to severe weather conditions.

Not ones to let nature completely derail their plans to play — they are, after all, from an island in the tropics — Fantasmes has been participating in several make-up shows around the area for fans.


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