Norwegian newcomer Farida made some stir a few weeks ago with her debut single “Three Weeks“. Now she takes us on another R’n’B trip, “Solo Ride”.

In her first track, the young Scandinavian singer-songwriter (with some Algerian roots) told us about “Three Weeks” you need to fall in love – as well as to forget about it. Apart from the layered, digitalized chorus, the song’s obvious highlight was its dense, somehow mysterious atmosphere.

Her new single is a perfect neo-soul ballad and further exploration of human relationships. Though actually, on “Solo Ride” she discovers the freedom you feel when you realise power and self-confidence is something you can find on your own.

Both tracks produced by Farida’s fellow Norwegian, Morten Gillebo a.k.a. Mogilla, herald her upcoming debut record. Named “The 25th Hour”, it is set to come out in April, and will hopefully make a lot of stir in R’n’B circles.

Edit: “The 25th Hour” is now available here.


Photo credit: Sara Abraham

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