It’s not that often an artist put out two albums in one year, but this was the case for the acclaimed Faroese songstress Eivør Pálsdóttir who recently released album number nine and ten – her first solo effort(s) since 2012’s “Room.”

On the English album titled “Bridges”, the 32-year-old singer coupled singer/songwriter folk with delicate electronics and a longing for home. Meanwhile, “Slør” (meaning “Veil”) is a collection of songs in Faroese about wanderlust and freedom. Some of the lyrics – for “Salt”, “Slør” and “Verð Mín” – are poems by Marjun Syderbø Kjælnes.

The words are set to a darker backdrop of electronica built on singer/songwriter virtues, but both albums shine with Eivør’s amazing vocal. Especially impressive when paired with words in her native language like in “Verð Mín”, or “Be Mine,” one of the highlights of Eivør’s new material along with the recent single “Brotin.

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