Father Kong

“Electronica with elements of jazz” from a Polish producer-turned-band we don’t actually know much about.

Although “The Sunny, Dirty Days” is the debut full-length of Father Kong, the producer behind this project has been around for at least 15 years. His music has (almost) always sounded a bit weird, nostalgic, and he certainly does like reverbs and echoes.

His new project was born out of the longing for “electronica with elements of jazz”. It started around mid-2015 and quickly resulted in tracks with names like “Day 12”, “Day 0” or “Day 9” – possibly documenting how quickly they came into existence. Released by Too Many People Records this summer, “The Sunny, Dirty Days” collects all those tracks into a package of one week and a day.

Over the time, the project has reportedly expanded into a full-fledged band. So beside the leader’s electronic wizardry, the material also features brass section of trumpet, sax and trombone. If you have been into the productions of Ninja Tune at the label’s peak era, Father Kong’s debut will take you back to those days.

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