Felix Pallas

Quiet is the new loud. These are wise words that Kings of Convenience used at the start of the 21st century as a title for one of the best albums that were ever made.

Even though there is not a lot of room for acoustics in the music that’s dominating today’s waves, we can’t deny that peaceful tunes are omnipresent right now. Felix Pallas’s music can and cannot be added to this category.

Mixing silent and noisy dynamics accompanied by effects, electronics and vocals that are in line with those of leading Belgian acts like Bazart and Oscar and the Wolf, Felix Pallas combine trends with adventure, creating a sound that seems both new and familiar, modest and explosive.

This young band has been paving the path in Belgium through regional contests in recent years, and now seems ready to try and conquer the rest of the world. The members probably won’t play their own songs in their van, but we’re convinced that many other people will.


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