Premiere: Fernando Lagreca

“Quiet Lake” premiered today on beehype makes you travel to a crude, nostalgic, place. Cool as machines, but mysterious as humanity. “I got inspired by a recurrent image that I used to dream during the most of the time while I was composing the songs for my new album”, says Fernando Lagreca.

“A big lake, some fog, mountain landscape in the end and a girl taking pictures of the soul of the lake. Not even the mountains or the trees, just the soul of the lake. After waking up, I just remembered the essence. And this is what I precisely wanted to write. A song about a dream, and a peaceful journey into the soul of a quiet lake”.

Behind this piece of quiet and meticulous electronica, we find a musician born in Uruguay, but residing in Barcelona since 2002. Possibly that’s where the universality of his music comes from. He’s a traveler, but not just in a literal sense – he also travels in time. As an analog lover, he appreciates gadgets and machinery. Let him show you around the equipment he used to record his new LP, “Control”:

“The album was composed using only a hardware recorder, an elektron Octatrack, some nord keyboards, a little but powerful OP-1 synth, an analog four and a lot of layered voices – some recorded live, some sampled in the Octatrack and extremely processed”. Bruno Garcia from Irregular Records, which will release the album, has faithfully followed the process and ensures that their study is pure industrial school, a fine example of values and conviction in the 21st century.

“While my previous LP, ‘Childhood Is All We Have’, was full of summer brushstrokes, this one is more fall-oriented”, says Fernando. “I wanted to express evolution in my life, some new landscapes that surround me, and a new way to see the things. And I chose a lot of synthetic voices to sharpen these feelings”.

Fernando Lagreca has found his place in synthetic autumn, then. With delicate sunbeams. And everyone knows that the half-light sun is the best one, the one you enjoy most.


Fernando Lagreca is on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter and Facebook. You can also check out his label, Irregular.

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