Few Bits

Despite a great single called “Shell”, an album on Zeal Records (a quality label known from acts like Marble Sounds and Isbells) and a good live reputation, Few Bits didn’t manage to enter the hall of fame of Belgian music in 2013. Three years later they give it another try with the album “Big Sparks”.

The band delivers dreamy tunes, sometimes folky, sometimes poppy, always led by the warm voice of vocalist Karolien Van Ransbeeck. “Do Your Best” (below) was one of the singles that yielded Few Bits a place at this year’s edition of The Great Escape festival in Brighton, and it was recently followed by a new video for “Summer Sun“.

Belgium still does not seem to be fired up for this band, but judging from Spotify and other international channels, they may be a typical example of an artist that first needs to gather some love abroad before being adored by their compatriots.

Photo: Danny Quintelier

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