Loads of creative young people moved from Slovenia in the recent years and the main destination is definitely Berlin. This is also the story with boyfriend/girlfriend duo FFX which is currently based in the German capital.

Gaja aka GPNGPN is a young actress and a vocalist, while Lucijan aka Loutseau is a programmer, photographer, producer and a dj. When they became a couple, Lucijan showed Gaja how to produce and they started making music together. In the end of 2015 first hint of the duo came through Star Slinger’s Jet Jam label, where “Promnite” EP was released.

New release is already on the way, teasing even on BBC Radio and Pigeons & Planes, where the video for “Would I Why” is hosted. This quirky piece of music is led by Gaja’s half-sung, half-spoken vocals and supported with an unconventional trashy video using the classic effects from the 90’s folder.


FFX on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

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