One of the strongest new acts of the country

Multidisciplinary artist Fernanda Bertero better known as Fiebre, made a mark on the Ecuadorian landscape this 2021 with her debut album, “Petróleo”.

Telling a tale from dystopia to utopias in the search from toxic love to self love in connection to our technological relations, she blends into a cyborg narrative complemented by a strong aesthetic and a complex sound landscape formed by synths, dembow bases and a strong voice layering.

After “Petróleo’s” release, a never seen before show in Quito’s Teatro Sucre positioned her as one of the strongest new acts of the country.

Adding a strong visual concept with dancers, costume changes, props and visuals it settled a new horizon for Ecuadorian artists on stage.

Stream “Petróleo” LP on Spotify.


Fiebre on Facebook, Instagram.

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