Link between wealth and death. Motor of a drone. Voices from Istanbul. Teargas grenades. Explosions and shouts. Chaos, disorder, disarray. All of that in just four songs.

“Aphasia”, the new EP from Grey Filastine, a nomadic video-activist and musician based in Barcelona, tells about decadence, post-industrial fights and globalization. Filastine offers the audience a bidirectional game with his multicultural, political, DIY videos and his music. Transmedia knockout.

There’s art and there’s intent of changing the world: “Although Filastine is a recognizably political project,” says Grey, “the music itself is not. It’s often instrumental, and when there are lyrics, they are not revolutionary slogans. Politics are expressed in how we operate, how we try to hack the culture industry. And in our DIY philosophy which is much closer to punk than electronic music.”

You can stream “Aphasia EP” on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Or you can follow Filastine on Facebook and Twitter.

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