Filter Happier

After three years of playing together and changing their name in the meantime, this summer Beirut-based indie quintet Filter Happier finally offered us their debut EP, “Trying to Rush Everything”.

You might first heard them when they were still called Banana Elephant, and playing covers. Both turned out to be a temporary, work-in-progress solution. Recently, they let their old name go and decided to call themselves Filter Happier, feeling that all the things they’ve learned since their first bedroom/garage jams has made them a different band, and they want a fresh start.

Contrary to the title, “Trying to Rush Everything” is a collection of unhurried songs better described by colours and emotions – space-y, well-thought-out, sensible and simply beautiful – than by music genres. Unless you’re ready to use all the posts, alts, folks, progs, pops and dreams before you dare say “rock”.

“Dust” is Filter Happier’s first ever single, and one of our favourite songs from the region we’ve heard this year. And recently, “Dust” received a video directed by Camille Cabbabé, and featuring fantastic dancer Natasha Abu Fadel.

The group spent this summer playing around their neighbourhood, hopefully next year brings them invitations from around the world, just like they deserve. Let’s also hope Filter Happier will also be even more productive.


Filter Happier on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram.

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