With a unique blend of instruments, Fjors is up to a promising start.

Fjors is a project comprised of versatile musicians with diverse backgrounds. They dabble in classical, jazz, pop, and electronic music, having previously worked with many up-and-coming and acknowledged artists from Poland.

The band is led by singer and keyboard player, Alaksandra Kaca, whose primary musical occupation is composing contemporary classical music. For one of her concerts, she wanted to juxtapose her piano with the sounds of harp and cello.

That’s how she met Zuzanna Federowicz and Jan Stokłosa, respectively, and their interplay was so fulfilling that they immediately decided to form a band. The line-up was completed when drummer Wojtek Kostrzewa joined the group.

Fjors’ sound seems to gravitate towards atmospheric indie-pop with a hint of neo-classical and downtempo influences. “Painter”, their first official single, is very delicate, unfolding unhurriedly at the threshold of silence. However, the unique blend of instruments – their interplay well exhibited throughout the song – makes the music stand out.

Additionally, the song is accompanied by a mysterious video, full of vague hints and ambiguous juxtapositions, so that everyone can find their own meaning in Fjors’ music.


Fjors on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram.

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