Fools and Foes

Combining math-rock’s complexity with indie folk’s acoustic sound and a keen sense of melody, the Manila-based band delivers a strong debut album.

Four years after releasing their critically acclaimed EP, “Underneath the Roots,” Fools and Foes continue their genre-bending journey on their self-titled full-length record.

Their music is being described with what might seem like contradictory terms, for instance “math rock” and “indie folk,” but it only indicates how fresh and multifaceted they sound.

On the album, there’s certainly a lot of rampant riffage and the rhythm breaks all the time, but Fools and Foes are also very capable when it comes to compelling melodies, soothing acoustic passages, and beautiful female-male vocal harmonies.

The result is a highly enjoyable album, filled with progressive songs that are both catchy and elaborate. The round forty minutes of music just flies by, leaving you with an instant craving for more.

Stream Fools and Foes’ self-titled album on Bandcamp.


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