Four O'Clocks

I cannot say that it’s a completely bad thing about Japanese music scene, but sometimes its overabundance can be very tiring.

Since the trio Four O’Clocks formed in 2013, they urge their listeners to slow down against the haste of the present age. Their songs aren’t supposed to exaggerate matters. Affected mainly by soft rock, new soul and city pop, they sketch moments of everyday affairs between lovers, and other serene scenes.

“Asa No Koibito” (朝の恋人), meaning “Morning Lover”, is a mellow and gentle song blended into a nostalgic landscape. It’s the lead single from Four O’Clocks’ 1st mini album “Kouwan Toshi” (港湾都市). Someone might say: an old head on young shoulders. But that would be a little wrong. I hear modern music based on youth’s transient view of today’s life in Japan.

You can find Four O’Clocks on Soundcloud, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and Audioleaf.

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