Fox Capture Plan

Starting with a floating melody inspired by Aphex Twin, and with a heavy synth bass put in subsequently – the spectacular single “Cross View” is the opener of the piano trio’s 6th LP “UИTITLƎD”.

Tokyo-based jazz rock band Fox Capture Plan is so busy in 2017. They released three other albums, 5th LP, soundtrack for a TV drama and Disney cover album.

“We do anything we are asked for. To collaborate with people in other fields is also meaningful,” they said in an interview for Natalie.

This first cut from their 6th LP is named as “Cross View” because synthesizer on the left side and strings on the right play the same melody and cross each other on the way.

And watching this video, you can see various places as if you travelled to Japan.

With this dramatic number, Fox Capture Plan will tour China this November. For more information, check out their live schedule page.

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