Polo & Pan

Formed in 2012, Polo & Pan are a Paris-based duo apparently still in love with analog stuff, small clubs and that kind of sound that is retro and cosmic at the same time.

Initially a DJ partnership, two years ago Paul ‘Polo’ Armand-Delille and Alex ‘Pan’ Grynszpan released their debut (hit) single “Rivolta”, followed by their first EP “Dorothy” in September 2014.

Elegant and casual at the same time, “Plage Isolée” (Isolated Beach) is their latest single released in four version and available on Soundcloud.

A growing, hypnotic track built on a stready beat, it mixes multi-layered French verses with a meaningless burst of enthusiasm in something we could call a chorus, if we needed to.


Photo credit: Barrere & Simon

Polo & Pan on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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