Franco Franco

If you think that there’s not much affirmative music around these days, try Franco Franco’s latest EP “Moon + Light” that will shine over you some positive indie pop.

Franco Franco was founded in 2010, but since then the band has released only two EPs. “Moon + Light” is the second one. What makes this EP a great Franco Franco return? The sound.

Their first EP, “Color Me” from 2013, was more like an ordinary homemade poprock lacking particular vision. But “Moon + Light” has accurate story told with a help of simple, tuneful and precise melodies.

Franco Franco says that their latest EP shows the band’s different musical angles – from melancholy to cheerful melodies. And it is quite so. But it would be more delightful if a band made a full album where their musical ideas and caliber were presented unabridged and complete.

There must be the next Franco Franco record and for sure it will be big.

Stream “Moon + Light” EP here.


Photo: Aleksandrs Muižnieks

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