Françoiz Breut

Spring is in the air, so why wait for a heatwave to feel ready for love?

Snow in unusual places like Madrid or Athens may have been nice, but most people, animals and plants visibly revive when the sun’s coming back into our lives.

Just as a good wine tastes way more pleasing when paired with the right dish, a beautiful song gets even better when the temperature rises a few degrees. And vice versa. If you are looking for the befitting soundtrack to start or end a beautiful spring day, “Mes péchés s’accumulent” can become your best friend.

For listeners who do not understand the lyrics, this song by Francoiz Breut could be either comforting, lamenting, musing or sensual. In reality, it is mostly a combination of the latter two. “I wanted something voluptuous, something warm about exploring bodies like landscapes,” the singer herself says of this. The title translates as “my sins are piling up” and she’s definitely not just telling us about holding hands.

Françoiz Breut is a French-born singer who has been living in Brussels for about fifteen years and is therefore considered by many to be (more than) half Belgian. Her seventh album, called “Flux Flou de la Foule”, of which “Mes péchés s’accumulent” is the first precursor, will be released in April.

Waiting impatiently or enjoying this fine single? A tough dilemma, but fortunately making the wrong choice is impossible.


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