Frida Sundemo

During the last year, the Swedish artist Frida Sundemo has released a handful of singles that lead to high expectations on her long-awaited debut album.

First out was the hopeful and energic single ‘We Are Dreamers’, followed by two of the most beautiful ballads released this year; ‘It’s OK’ and ‘Gold’.

In the beginning of October, the album ‘Flashbacks & Futures’ arrived and the listener got invited to a minimalistic trip to space filled with stunning soundscapes shaped by dramatic strings and genial synthesizers.

‘Flashbacks & Futures’ is a delicate collection of fourteen songs, and there is no doubt that the songs have been handpicked and gently placed to provide the listener with the exact right feeling during the path of the album. Prepare for takeoff with ‘Prelude’, followed by the faultless title track and get totally blown away by the graceful ballad titled ‘Circles’.

This selection of work is a clear proof that Frida Sundemo should be crowned as one of the best pop artists of the last year. (Elin Strömberg)


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