Soaring, majestic dreamy pop-folk rhythms.

The main ingredients of “Treehouse” are melodic pop, dressed up with love for both acoustic music, as well as the electronic sounds and rhythms of the nightlife in Oslo.

Anne Lise Frøkedal has been a significant figure in Norway’s indie rock scene for years, mainly as front person, guitarist and songwriter in Harrys Gym and in I Was A King.

Her songwriting is poetic, melodic and often dark, inspired by everything from 60’s folk music to Cocteau Twins and Brian Eno’s experimental, minimalistic pop.

Over the last years Oslo itself has made it’s impact on Frøkedal’s music.

From playing cajun and traditional music with local fiddlers, mandolins and horns to dancing the night away onstage and offstage in the Oslo electronic music scene. Her emotions are all over the place.


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