A musical journey into the unknown within.

Frugaard’s debut single “Drømmen” kicks off brutal. The raw crunchy drums can make us think about Kanye West’s more aggressive productions. But hold on! When the guitars and synths sets in the mood changes. The harmony increases and the euphoria is complete.

For 20 years, Reidar F. Opdal has been active in the Norwegian scene as a performer and producer. Now the musician is finally realizing his own visions as a solo artist, under the name Frugaard.

The Norwegian artist sings in his native language. Frugaard dialect adds an extra poetic touch and supports the mood of the song.

The title translates to “The Dream” and the lyrics centers around the inner powers we all have inside of us. The relationship between us as humans and the natural world we’re a part of is a strong theme.

Frugaard and producer Kristian F. Tvedt (Aurora, Silja Sol) succeed in creating a musical scenery that feels both safe and threatening, both organic and electronic.

The sudden ending of “Drømmen” leaves us eager for more.


Frugaard on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify.

Photo: Francisco Munoz

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