Just a few months after her splendid previous video “No Shapes”, The Faroese Island’s Jenný Kragesteen a.k.a. FRUM is back with another astonishing clip, “Let It”.

“Every song starts with a feeling or atmosphere within myself, where I have some thoughts I want to express. The lyrics and melody often happen simultaneusly” – she told us in a recent interview, right after the release of the video “No Shapes”.

Her new single “Let It” must have been born in a quite a different atmosphere than the previous one, as its sound is less tense and more spacious, and one might even call it an upbeat song – at least for north European standards.

This new single first appeared on her Soundcloud in October, and now has received a cinematic visual treatment from talented Faroese photographer Beinta á Torkilsheyggi. You’ll adore every single shot of “Let It”, and afterwards let it… play again.


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