Interview: FRUM

Join us on a breathtaking visual journey and musical experience led by the multitalented FRUM.

Although she has been known as Jenný Kragesteen for 23 years, her alter ego FRUM is only one year old.

Since the birth of FRUM, she has played several concerts, record labels have fought for her signature, and on top of that FRUM has been nominated for two Faroese Music Awards awards: for ”Best new act” and ”Best female singer”.

So who is this rising star of the Faroe Islands? We were in search of answers for the curious case of FRUM, and luckily FRUM agreed to a Q&A session.

Let’s start with your music. Do you have any specific ways or methods when writing songs?

FRUM: “Every song starts with a feeling or atmosphere within myself, where I have some thoughts I want to express. The lyrics and melody often happen simultaneusly. The next step is production. I have gotten help with the production on “No Shapes”, but I plan to educate myself so that in the future I can do it all by myself from a to z.”

Concerning the new single “No Shapes”, could you please tell us about the idea behind the video?

“The idea was to somehow show how the universe constantly changes, how everything is apart, comes together and then parts again. And how nature and the universe presents itself in so many different ways.”

You’ve previously released another video for your first release ”Birdstone”. How important would you say the visual aspect is in your music?

“Everything I do is a way to express something, so for me it doesn’t matter if it is trough music, film, or dance. It is all a part of my expression. When I have an idea for a song, I also visualize things, so the visualization is a natural part of my music and a very important aspect of course.”

In “No Shapes”, you touch on some of the major philosophical questions about life. What messages do you in general want share with your audience?

“I would say ‘curiosity’ is the essential word for my reason to express. I am very fascinated by the world, space, universe and everything that follows. Why does anything exist? How does it exist? Does it exist? What is my part in all this? These are questions I ask myself several times every day.”

“‘No Shapes’ is a fascination and longing for the time and place of our early universe when there only were gases floating around. Everything around us, everything that has ever been or will ever be and everything we are, came from these gases. Our feelings were non-existing. There was nothing we called bad and nothing that made us sad.”

“So I think that the overall message I want to share with my audience is one of curiosity.”


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