Fulco Ottervanger is a very busy bee. At the moment he is mainly active with De Beren Gieren and his solo project Fulco.

He has also received a lot of praise in recent years with bands like Stadt and BeraadGeslagen. The latter played back to back editions of Pukkelpop in 2018 and 2019.

On October 18th Fulco will release his solo album, an ideal moment to introduce you to the single “Grensdorp”. A grensdorp is a small community on the border between two countries, with all the feelings that can go with it. Related to one, used to the other, as we can hear somewhere in the song, alongside other appropriate references.

Musically, this is one of Fulco Ottervanger’s more accessible projects, although we received a variety of signals beforehand.

De sms’ende mens” is a rather experimental tune about people texting and all the sounds and emoticons that go with it. “Nergens heen“, like “Grensdorp”, is much more radio friendly.

On the day we write this, Fulco also just released the brand new “Hangen in de waarheid” (see below), which can be described as poppy, electronic and cautiously danceable, and which at the very end culminates in great chaos.

One thing is certain: the coming months will be very busy for the artist, and very pleasant for the music fan. In addition to the album, there are also concerts in fine venues such as the Ancienne Belgique and Muziekodroom coming up.


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