Fulminacci’s creativity allows him to surf between different musical styles and genres.

Fulmnacci’s real name is Filippo and he was born in Rome in 1997. He recently released his first album “La Vita Veramente” (“Life really”) and already earned a slot in some of the most important Italian festivals.

Anyone who listens to his music can’t help have a strong feeling of naturalness and spontaneity, as if Filippo just simply has the gift to drop songs without any effort. His lyrics have a remarkable flow, melodies feel fresh and the sound is immediate and catchy.

Of course, to achieve this result, there’s a lot of attention to any possible detail, but it’s all so smooth and harmonious because Filippo is not only a songwriter, but he’s also the one who crafts the songs’ arrangements, at least the rough versions. This allows him to think of the song as a whole in the exact moment he writes it.

Filippo’s songs are then refined by professional musicians and producers, but the result is exactly what he desires and had in his mind when the song was being created.

His creativity allows him to surf between different musical styles and genres, and still it’s clear that everything can be attributed to the same song making mind.

The album’s length is just 29 minutes but the array of ideas and feelings displayed is definitely significant.

Stream “La Vita Veramente” LP on Spotify.


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