Funk Shui

Skopje way of funk – melodies that should be part of every good record collection. Unusual, modern and mature.

Funk Shui is a band from Skopje that combines many different rhythms and alternative instrumental music genres. An idea influenced by the grunge scene in Seattle, jam sessions and funk music, which they later named Funk Shui.

Their new album “Impulse” was released last month, and it’s their music desire to act. “Виулица / Сомнежи?” (Blizzard / Doubts?) is a new video for the second single.

Funk Shui’s tunes (re)capture the creativity of childhood. These three guys are able to retain their childish perspective and are still open to the forces of imagination and creativity that the majority of adults are not aware of.

Both their verbal and musical responses left their more adult-minded counterparts in the dust.

They define their sound as ‘free flow’ which is flexible, more original, more open to creative input and more capable of generating creative output—a nice complement to past findings. Free flow as ‘water flow’ from where they draw energy.


Photo: Stefan Rajhl

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