Gaby De Los Santos

Gaby De Los Santos is a young Dominican musician, composer, entertainer, and all-around artist.

We met Gaby De Los Santos when she was part of the now-defunct band Playa o Radio. After the band split-up each member took their solo course which led the way to her first production “Hormigases!” (2018). Soon she will present us her second musical work, “Tropezando”, to come out a few months from now.

De Los Santos’ voice accompanied with her distinct melancholic style offers us sober songs, loaded with drama (a lot of sweet and intriguing drama). Her second single titled “Reversa” is a song about the detachment some of us experience while growing old. From the first few notes, Gaby takes us beyond the easy listening experience.

“With this song I seek to reaffirm the themes of the album, which are empathy and introspection,” said De Los Santos. “Reversa talks about knowing how to let go of things, something that sometimes hurts because of our habit of holding on. Everything in life flows and everything that flows will go away.”

For the video, Gaby de los Santos shows all her talent, also as an animator and producer, creating an interesting story with the use of stop motion. “Reversa” is a song that talks about detachment as a way of growth. In the music video, that detachment is crucial to “get out of the hole” in which we are stuck.


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Photo: @guillermocasado

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