Interview: Gala Brie

Gala Brie is a solo musical project of Peruvian artist Gabriela Gastelumendi. Together with producer Alejo León, they’ve been working on a new album.

In the recent months, she relased a couple of singles and the last one is “Distancia”. We took this opportunity to ask some questions about the song and her career so far.


Who are you listening to these days? And how much of that will come on your next album?

Gala Brie: “I’ve always been a fan of exploring old music, from many countries and times. I love the American ’80s. I’m a huge fan of European progressive rock and of Brazilian ’70s popular music. Recently I’ve been listening a lot to Kate Bush and Peruvian folk music from the ’60s.”

“I’m always feeding myself with lots of music. My new album will definitely be made, in part, with inspiration of this music.”

In the case of “Distancia”, what came first – the melody or the lyrics?

“The first thing that came up with “Distancia” where the chords. I remember my producer Alejo León playing a different progression when I started singing a melody. Then we modified the chords and the lyrics came flowing very easily.”

Streaming makes music more accessible, do you prefer that or the physical formats?

“I’ve always been a fan of records and CDs. I think that the idea of having the music inside or within a material object makes it more valuable, like a treasure. But I also understand how things change and I know streaming is what we have right now and yes, it’s definitely easier.”

Do you have any dream collaboration – possible or not?

“Yes!! I’d love to collaborate with Beck! That’s my ultimate dream. It would be amazing if we could write a song from scratch. I’d also love to collaborate with Chris Martin from Coldplay, with Mon Laferte, Caetano Veloso, and so on.”

Have you written the song that you would like to be remembered as an artist?

“Mmmm it’s difficult to say so. I know that “Parece que fue ayer” has been a great song to many many people! They wrote to thank me for the song, because the song “healed” them in certain ways…”

“I’m sure there’s more music that’ll come from me and my experiences that I’ll share with the world. There’s a lot more to say.”


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