Galo Can'tàs Duas

There’s a completely new species discovered in Viseu, in northern Portugal.

Two-headed, music-breathing creature, incubated in a concert hall, where drums and contrabass met for a little chitchat.

After that first date, the conversation continued. At some point, electric bass and guitar got dissolved in loops, and this way Galo Cant’às Duas was born.

Their debut album “Os Anjos Também Cantam” arrives in the midcolor of the spring. And as great as it sounds when you press play, it doesn’t let you forget the concerts. This is also the place where Galo mutate and show it’s superpowers.

“Galo can’tàs duas” means that “The rooster sings at 2”. Yes, it does sings at 2, but sure as hell its echo persists throughout the whole day. Thank Galo for that.

Stream / buy “Os anjos também cantam” LP here.


Photo: MaryJane’ Linhares

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