Slow, thoughtful, beautiful four and a half minutes from Icelandic trio GANGLY.

Simmering, low-key electronic pop trio GANGLY rose quickly to the attention of the international media when they anonymously dropped their debut track, “Fuck With Someone Else“, in late 2015.

Set to video that took place in a coppery, autumnal, computer-generated world, speculation was rife about the owners of the band’s three distinctive singing voices, with everyone from Björk to Katrína Mogensen of MAMMÚT being mooted as the possible culprits.

It turned out GANGLY was a supergroup of faces from the Icelandic scene, featuring Sindri Már Sigfússon, known from his work as Sin Fang, Jófríður Ákadóttir of Pascal Pinon, Samaris and JFDR, and Úlfur Alexander Einarsson of Útidúr and Oyama. Before long, they signed a record deal with AMF Records, a subsidiary of Universal, and continued to drip-feed the internet with slow, thoughtful, beautiful singles.

The latest is “Whole Again”, on which Jófríður’s delicate, whispery vocals take the lead, dancing over a softly chiming backing track that evolves beautifully over the track’s four and a half languid minutes.

Rumour is, their four singles to date will be gathered into an EP later this year. And after that? The sky’s the limit for this talented and exciting addition to the Icelandic scene.


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