Alternative pop duo Garaseen make bedroom sound like a philharmonic on their self-titled debut EP.

Based in Amman, the capital of Jordan, the duo of Mohammad Idreesi and Nairuz Ajlouni started making music in 2015 and over the last three years, they’ve gained lots of live experience, collected material for their debut EP, and changed name from Les Garçons to Garaseen.

They call their music, simply, “electro-pop”, but the moment you hear any of their debut you’ll see there’s much more width and depth behind each of their songs than any single term would suggest. And not just musically – books and films apparently have an equal impact on their works.

Garaseen” is one of those bedroom (or, to be precise, basement) albums that benefited from unrestricted brainstorming/recording time and loose atmosphere. Hence synths and electronic beats get mixed with samples of traditional instruments, whether it’s guitar or brass.

A good example is the second song off the EP, “Law Fina Khair”, which happens to be also released as an official video “made and dedicated to a loved one”, written and directed by Idreesi himself. It’s got an ambient texture, a house-like groove and a slightly dramatic vocals with powerful Middle Eastern theme in the final.

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