Garbanotas Bosistas

How to survive the upcoming winter? Try adding Garbanotas Bosistas’ new single to your playlist.

“Once you’ve heard somewhere that you’re infinite, but the summer ends, you have to climb down the mountain, evening comes, friends leave, at the edge of the field there’s a forest, truths wear out and you cut down your tresses…” – explains Garbanotas Bosistas’ guitarist Mantas Joneikis when asked about their new synth ballad “Last Summer’s Day”.

The band itself is not a newbie to beehype diggers. They were first introduced two years ago. Since that time psychedelic rock foursome went through the uncertain period, did a pause, then some of the members have changed. Finally, Garbanotas Bosistas is back on track, feeling more confident than ever before.

“Last Summer’s Day“, the first single from their upcoming album, tells a story about the peaks of mountains and the peaks of days, about friends and fields, about truths and tresses.

“I was looking for some sort of prayer to live through the last winter. Winters are hard in Lithuania. And especially the last one, with only three sunny days in three months. All the other days were covered up with heavy clouds and I needed something to get through them, to get over all of it. Video accidentally got to tell the same story. Maybe it was not the accident for the author is also living here in Vilnius” – remembers Mantas.

“My dog died during the same winter. Last inhabitants of our former commune moved out from the house where we all spent six years of merry days. Just hanging around, playing music, making big dinner together or organizing flat festivals with ten bands playing live through all the night. Our band nearly broke up and we’ve spent all the winter without any playing together. It was the end of some period and we needed to step to the other one, I guess. Any kind of transition like that is hard.”

Not getting stuck is important. Just like letting go is. Or feeding the light, even if the only mash you have is obscurity. This is what the new tune of Garbanotas Bosistas is trying to tell. Many years ago, started as a Christian band, they still got something about it – you may become a better person while listening to them.


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