Garçon d’Argent

It’s during his many concerts in Paris this year that we discovered Garçon d’Argent’s new songs, some of which finally ending up on this new EP.

Florian Cheheb is a fascinating showman straight from the 80s, whose dance moves and hip-swaying are as engaging as his music. Accompanied by Pablo Padovani on synth (member of Moodoïd and Melody’s Echo Chamber), he sings like a glam crooner on a mix of well-produced electro-pop and new wave, recalling the famous French singer Etienne Daho and Lou Reed’s captivating vocal timbre.

And if we can regret a little the more club-oriented and sidechained beat of the first single “Enfants du Paradis”, compared to the hypnotic live versions of the song, it’s still one of the best French songs of the year so far. An indellible pop hook, both catchy and atmostpheric.

And the fact that “Ville de l’Amour” – another standout track from his shows – hasn’t been included on the EP makes us hope that something more will be soon released.


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