GDJYB (雞蛋蒸肉餅)

In what might be their most dramatic effort yet, GDJYB deals with those hungry of power and money, who “don’t care who’s innocent”.

All-female quartet GDJYB is a phenomenon not just in the regional scene, as even globally you’d find it hard to find anyone you could compare them to. From early on, they’ve been mixing the precision of math rock with great vocal melodies and dynamic sound, but over time more and more elements joined.

If you’re seeing this name for the first time, you must be new on beehype, as they’ve already appeared in our Best of 2014, two years later in a separate article about the amazing 6-minute journey “That Day I Went To His Funeral”, which was also included in our recent playlist Math Rock from Asia.

Earlier this year, they came back with another masterpiece called “Why Don’t You Kill Us All”, and what might be their most passionate and heated song to date. While it might seem mellow and pretty regular at first, line by line they lead us to the dramatic chorus where the title line gets repeated again and again, each time with more anger.

In the post announcing the video, they asked: “When the world is manipulated by the fews, and fool us like their toys, how could we live with free souls? How could you stay original?”

Yet they seem to know the answer.


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