Gentle Robot

New video from our favourite rock project from Lahore takes less than 5 minutes so that you can play it a dozen times in an hour.

We’ve known Gentle Robot – a project of the singer-songwriter and producer Ibrahim Imdad, whom we first introduced in our Best of 2016 for Pakistan – as one of the artists you should never expect to finish a song the same way they start it. It’s more than ever true about the Lahore musician’s latest single, “Breathe”, which came out a few weeks ago.

It comes along with a special video, created by Hadi Rehman and “a group of very talented students” of the prestigeous National College of Arts in Lahore. And like earlier pieces by Gentle Robot, it demands a close listen. It starts inconspicuously, but bar after bar it grows and ends up with a progrock-y culmination that makes you play it again.

“There must exist a combination of words I could say / That would make everything okay,” the lyrics go. The combination of sounds works for us.


Gentle Robot on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud.

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