George Dorn Screams

A hypnotic blend of shoegaze, slowcore and dreampop that works best on prolonged acquaintance.

George Dorns Screams are a group from Bydgoszcz who have been around for over a decade. And while they underwent a few turbulences in recent years, the band have survived and came back stronger than ever. “Spacja Kosmiczna”, their fourth full-length album, sung entirely in Polish, may be their best one yet.

I really like how inconspicuous the music is. There are no immediate hooks or instrumental fireworks; the songs just flow effortlessly and covertly draw you in. And before you can realize it, you’re lost.

George Dorn Screams seems to have mastered the ability that only few other bands possess. They can alter our sense of time and make us surrender ourselves completely to the pace and rhythm of their music.

This is why it is best to listen to “Spacja Kosmiczna” in its entirety, immersing yourself in its hazy ambience. While, initially, the album may seem a bit monotonous, there’s a good chance it will grow on you and become one of your favorites.

Stream “Spacja Kosmiczna” here.


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