George Ergemlidze

Catchy flashback to the synth-filled 80s from an acclaimed Georgian musician George Ergemlidze.

George Ergemlidze is the son of Nugzar Ergemlidze, one of the foremost Georgian pop/rock composers of Soviet time.

Inheriting his father’s great melodic talent, George has adapted it to more indie / alternative context, throughout years fronting and recording music with various bands such as Mutual Friends and Qordo.

Thereafter, he started his solo career, first under the pseudonym Ergland and then with his real name, releasing two albums yet: “Eclectic” in 2012 and “Marsidan” two years ago.

“Violet Star”, his new single, is energetic and catchy flashback to the eighties, channeling northern detachedness of A-ha and pulsing rhythms of Duran Duran to a bit more updated, synthwave mode. These interlocking synthesized lead melodies are such a pleasure to listen.


George Ergemlidze on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook.

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