Lion is one of the most majestic animals I know. The young electronic duo Dynarchy from Mainz has two lions as their profile picture on Facebook, apparently representing the members of the band: Djitó and Nadjana. And of course fantastic music they create together.

Founded in early 2014, Dynarchy took some time to bring their self-titled to life. It came out in July 2015 and it was worth the wait. With great attention to detail, beautiful guitars, electronic elements and of course with the unique voice of Nadjana, this album became easily one of my this year’s favourites.

While you can check out the whole album on Bandcamp, the band is going to be on tour in the near future again and this time as a three-piece. Their friend joins them on drums now, and I’m sure their concerts will be – like a lion – majestic and beautiful.


Dynarchy on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

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