When an album comes out at the begining of the year and you’re still listening to it in summer, there must be something special about it. And “Wirewalker”, the third album by MissinCat, is that kind of special.

The singer/songwiter Caterina Barbieri comes originaly from Italy, but she moved to Berlin in 2007 and she still likes it here. The city is full of creative people and ideas which keep giving enough inspiration for her beautiful music.

The catchy single “Pirates” is one of the songs you can´t get enough even after months. You can hear the piano – she started to sing and play piano very early, and afterwards she learned guitar and bass as well – and some finger snapping in the background.

Then comes the warm voice of Caterina, and for three minutes you want the world to stop spinning and to dance with people around you. No matter if you know them or not.


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