Pretty Mery K

Pretty Mery K is a Berlin band of four self-proclaimed bohemians. Having kicked off their band career with first album “Oh” in 2012, with their new album “Rowboat” they’ve picked up the pace and injected fresh energy into their indie/folk pop mix.

Bringing some electronic sounds and keyboards into their mainly guitar-oriented songs, Pretty Mery K remain rooted in melancholy – albeit one that’s offset by light and chipper vocals – but it’s now a melancholy tinged with a brighter palette of colours and sounds, and much the better for it.

“Two-Faced Fellow” is a perfect example of this, a dreamy soundscape underlaid with a relentlessly pushing and pulling beat over which singer Meryem Kilic floats ephemerally before dropping periodically into somewhat jazzy and surprisingly dark and bitter asides.


Photo: Tim Dobrovolny

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