It’s been a few months since Terranova released their new album “Restless” via the beloved Kompakt label, but this time of year seems to suit their indeed restless house beats much more than summertime.

This record is a long-awaited follow-up to their previous effort, “Hotel Amour”, released in 2012, and it was recorded with the support of “their old and new friends.” The superb single “Skin & Bones”, for instance, features the Copenhagen duo Lydmor & Bon Homme.

This track is also a great example of how Terranova keep making us forget about the difference between analog and digital, and between music that’s supposed to be listened while standing, sitting or in bed.

Next year, the DJ/producer duo of Fetisch and &ME will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Terranova, which started in 1996. But there’s no reason not to start the celebration right now.


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