Alternative rock at its most unpredictable from an acclaimed Kosovan group Gillespie.

An acclaimed alternative rock group based in Priština, the biggest city in Kosovo, Gillespie have over 10 years of experience on stage and you would know if after the first few seconds of their latest video, “Dimri shkoi”.

It’s not just about the sound or performance, but also about the light-hearted approach to music genres. The song comes off their new album “Diku, dikur…” (“Somewhere, sometime…”), which came out in September last year and across its 8 tracks combined all shades of rock, from the most classic 60s psychedelia to the most contemporary noise and indie.

“Dimri shkoi” itself is a journey through different moods and a song that – like the rest of the album – just wants to be heard live. So if you’re still looking for a band for your summer festival, it might be worth checking out if they might be still available.

Stream “Diku, dikur…” on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Gillespie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud.

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