Close your eyes, open your heart, and enjoy the debut EP from Italian singer-songwriter Ginevra.

Ginevra’s complete name was still not revealed, but we know she was born in Turin in 1993 and lives in Milan since 2012. She has released just two singles so far, “Forest” and “Lips”, and now an EP titled “Ruins”. Factory Flaws is her label.

Ginevra’s music is intimate and very emotional. Her sound is simple, keyboard or piano driven with some digital beats whose purpose is not really to give a rhythm part to the songs, but to amplify the inner strength of the interaction between Ginevra’s songwriting, sound and voice.

The result is extremely soulful, and Ginevra is not scared to show her most personal feelings, whilst encouraging who listens to do the same.

A visual support for her songs could be very interesting, as her music is very evocative and the right filming and/or animation would create a very strong work of art.

For now, we can just close our eyes, open our hearts and souls and let those song talk to us and inspire us.

Stream “Ruins” EP on Soundcloud and Spotify.


Ginevra on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Photo: Tommaso Ottomano

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