New single and a new start for Giungla, one of Italy’s top export talents in the recent years.

Giungla is Emanuela Drei, and before this solo project, she fronted the band Heike Has The Giggles. She released an EP in 2017 that drew a lot of critical acclaim and allowed Emanuela to play at some important festivals like SXSW, Eurosonic and Tallinn Music Week (where we at beehype included her in the 15 artists to listen to) among many others.

The songs included in the EP are straightforward and mostly strong: one of them is somehow quiet (“Sand”), and still it goes straight to the point (in a good way) like the other ones.

Her new single “In My Head” is the first attempt of a big clear forward. First of all, because there’s a different interaction between the guitar and the samples: previously, the sound was very guitar driven, while this time there’s much more balance.

The increased role of the samples part means it’s easier to create a more layered and dynamic sound, and this opportunity was definitely seized in this song. The producer is Luke Smith (Anna of the North, Depeche Mode, Foals).

Another important aspect of this song is the lyrical one. Giungla delivers a very strong message here: there’s no need of a statement for everything in every moment, but we can be silent sometimes, and these moments are not less significant in the process of finding out who we are and accepting it.

After this new start, we’re very curious to see what this new and more ambitious version of Giungla can bring to the table.


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