Gizmo Varillas

Gizmo Varillas has already appeared in our recent monthly playlist, but this Santander-born, London-based artist certainly deserves a separate mention.

Gizmo’s debut album “El Dorado” is set to come out in November, but he’s already received lots of prize from various outlets, including the BBC. And his latest single, “Give A Little Love”, only magnifies expectations of what the full-length will bring.

While lyrically the song reminds us that being different doesn’t mean we have to be detached from each other, musically Gizmo has found a way to mix his semi-melancholic way of singing with a bright melody and Caetano Veloso-era Brazilian rhythms.

As a bonus, you can also be among the first to watch a stripped-down, acoustic live version of this song right here.


Gizmo Varillas on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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