Gloria Boateng

She’s got “uncles in Belgium, in Ghana and France,”, and “aunties in London, Berlin and Japan,” and brothers and sisters down in Amsterdam”. Listeners? Hopefully worldwide.

As you may have noticed from previous articles on beehype, Humo’s Rock Rally can kick start careers. Having reached the finals in 2010 at a very young age, Gloria Boateng from Ghent seemed to be destined to be the leading lady of the Flemish hip-hop scene for the years to come.

Despite releasing some good singles at regular intervals, her name is not on everybody’s lips yet. It’s hard to say why, as the raps are always very to the point, the melodies are catchy and perfect dance floor material, while her music contains enough hooks to please the more alternative people too.

“Kumasi” is about Gloria’s roots, more specifically it’s the place where her father comes from. It’s also the place where Gloria, after being reunited with her dad, discovered that she had lots of family all over the world.

This charismatic girl, born in Belgium from Ghanaian descent, manages to combine world, hip-hop and groove into a smooth Gloria Boateng sound. The video was created by Aïmad Doughan, who also worked for Stromae, and shows the energy that is exponentially present on stage.


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