GOFISH (ゴーフィッシュ)

Passion in calmness. Walking slower than usually, more relaxed than usually, yet somehow still tense. These are the words that describe GOFISH.

The seventh album by GOFISH (ゴーフィッシュ), a solo project by Shota Terai, was recorded with the same band members as the previous one, but their music has become more open. Shota’s songs are more emotional and seem to expose everything.

Engineer Naoyuki Uchida (LITTLE TEMPO, OKI DUB AINU BAND) handles the ensemble with an eclectic mix of folk, jazz and reggae elements to create a soundscape which has more depth and breadth.

This album could make us both look back to the past and think about the future, remind us of our dearest friends and loved ones.

“真顔” (Magao / True Face) is a sincere song about wanting to protect a loved one. “‘嘘とギター” (Uso to Guitar / Lies and Guitars) is, perhaps, about something lost in the past.

“けもの”(Kemono / Beasts is sung) with a melody a little bit similar to that of “肺”(Hai / Lungs), which we wrote about here. Breathing and reproduction like an animal and spiritual love are presented as the same thing.

“Has any part of yourself changed in your fifties?” When asked that question, Shota said in an interview with Music Magazine:

“Sometimes I spend a while thinking my humanity has matured. But one day I realize that’s not the case at all. Some musicians are appreciated for their humanity and musicality, but I think I am not. So at least I want my music to be good. But making music is a proof that I am alive. And sometimes I find that hard.”

But he carries on with his music, with his life.

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